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Our elected officials must make clear that violent terror tactics will not be tolerated. Breaking windows and throwing Molotov cocktails does not qualify as legitimate political discourse.

It is crucial that we hold our leaders to account for tacitly condoning these attacks and call on them to break their hypocritical silence.

Please sign this petition urging the leaders of the Democratic Party to condemn violence against any person and any property.

PETITION: Urge Our Fellow Democrats to Condemn Attacks on Pregnancy Resource Centers, Judges, and Places of Worship

Dear Democratic Leaders,

We urge you, our fellow Democrats, to condemn in the strongest possible terms any and all attacks and violence against pregnancy resource centers, judges, and places of worship. One’s position on the legality of abortion does not preclude a person from condemning violence against any person or any property. It can not and should not be used as an excuse.

Since the draft of the Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs case was leaked, there has been an uptick in violence against pregnancy centers. In Ashville (NC), vandals spray-painted threatening messages on the walls of Mountain Area Pregnancy Services. Pregnancy centers in Washington, D.C. and Seattle (WA) were vandalized, and centers in Buffalo (NY) and Madison (WI) have been fire-bombed.

As Democrats, we insist that advocacy always be non-violent. Pregnancy centers provide vital counseling, baby supplies, and financial support to struggling parents all over the country.

Regardless of our views on abortion, all Democrats can agree that any organization which helps marginalized families should be supported, not stigmatized, vandalized or destroyed. Intimidating people and fire-bombing nonprofits that provide nonviolent, life-affirming care to some of our neediest families is un-American and completely against our Democratic values.

Thus far, the mainstream media and Democratic politicians have remained eerily silent regarding the wave of attacks on pregnancy centers, places of worship, and the assasination plot against Justice Kavanaugh. It is up to Democratic leadership to stand up and advocate for peaceful, common-sense solutions that protect freedoms of expression and promote the safety of all Americans.

We urge you to speak up immediately!

Concerned Citizens

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