Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization

We highly recommend using the resources that were prepared for and by the Supreme Court in Dobbs, including: 

In the interest of full disclosure, please note that our sister organization, Democrats For Life of America, a registered 501c4, submitted a brief to the Supreme Court in the Dobbs case. 

There has been a flood of coverage and commentary regarding the Dobbs case and you may use any relevant and credible sources to inform your essay. For example, this PBS News segment from December 1st, 2021 (the day of oral arguments in the Dobbs case) provides commentary on some of the Justices’ questions in the case: 


*n.b. This site begins by listing every ScotusBlog post which mentions the Dobbs case. Those posts may be helpful to you. If you scroll below them, you will find listed and color-coded every brief that has been submitted in this case.  ScotusBlog also provides a helpful summary of the briefs here.

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